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On the floor

Visiting libraries in other countries, we’re very struck by the way some of them use their floors for information.  From simple guidance (keep left on the stairs), livening up a floor, using posters, a fun touch indicating where the detective novels are, including an electronic game for children  or reinforcing the guidance on shelves as […]


  The stereotype librarian spends her time saying “sssh” and pinning up signs which read ‘silence’  all over her (naturally!) library.  The reality is of course, more complex – libraries certainly need quiet areas, but they also require space for more noisy activities and readers – book clubs, group-work, readings, lectures and film-showing or music recitals.  One of […]

Citation needed!

Citing sources Over the last while an increasing number of resources provide a means of converting citations into specific citation styles (e.g. Harvard, Turabian, APA &c.). Citation styles are becoming more standard, and each publisher and discipline has its own preferred or even mandatory method for citing sources. Apart from classic subscription databases, we first […]

Social Media Marketing

A new report on social media marketing trends makes for interesting reading for libraries.   The most important tools for marketers were Facebook and Linkedin – and one third of marketers spent 5 hours a week on social media marketing and the longer they have been using social marketing, the more time they spend […]