We work with clients in both the public and the private sector, from university libraries to office knowledge centres. Listed below are some of the people we’ve worked with and some of the feedback we’ve received. If you’d like us to run a course for you, why not get in touch?

Public libraries

Universities and Institutes of Technology

Special libraries

Other organisations

Social Research Association, Ireland


Selected feedback

Presentation was excellent. Both presenters were very enthusiastic and made the day very interesting.

Information very well presented and useful for the future.

Stimulating, interesting – both presenters informed and enthusiastic. I was encouraged and enthused to find out more about social media.

Good dynamic between the speakers – kept us alert. Found the course very useful.

Best training day I’ve had in ages!

This course was unbelievably good. By far the most practical and informative course I have done this year – no improvements needed!

Overall, very informative and enjoyable, the day flew!

Very well researched and presented. Very thorough presentation showing the variety of resources available.

My second course with M + B – this was as good as, if not better!

I felt I received a grounding that I needed.

Very professional and friendly presentation, very enjoyable. Would recommend to other colleagues.

I am glad I attended this course. It was good to hear other opinions from local authorities.

Course was informative and workable, I enjoyed it immensely.

A huge thank you to Brid and Julia for a most enjoyable day.

An excellent course, content was very well targeted and will be very useful in daily work. Everything was presented in a very clear way and being able to participate on my own computer really helped my understanding. The notes are also brilliant to take away.

This course was unbelievably good. By far the most practical and informative course I have done this year.

Very professional and relevant, with good use of humour.

Made me think about better ways to do my job and also improved methods of communicating with my colleagues.

The interactive sections were very important. It was great to interact with librarians from such a range of different sectors.

This was a very well thought out course expertly delivered. I will be checking out your other courses and suggesting to our T&D officer/committee that you be brought for in-house training.