We work with clients in both the public and the private sector, from university libraries to office knowledge centres. Listed below are some of the people we’ve worked with and some of the feedback we’ve received. If you’d like us to run a course for you, why not get in touch?

Public libraries

Universities and Institutes of Technology

Special libraries

Other organisations

Social Research Association, Ireland


Selected feedback

Such enthusiasm is infectious, thanks!

A very useful session for articulating issues and possible solutions.

Really enjoyed the day. Delighted to have people with library experience, who really know what we face.

Relevant, interactive, well presented by facilitators.

Very good, interesting course. The two presenters know their subject, which imparts confidence to the people doing the course.

Really enjoyed the course – relaxed and informal and presenters were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.

Course was interesting an beneficial, would be hard to find improvements.

I enjoyed the day – the practical sessions were particularly useful – we really learn by doing. There was lots of information that was new to me, so I found it very educational.

I enjoyed the informative and relaxed style of the course and the amount of information I learned from the day.

Liked being asked to put what you learnt into practice & doing the exercises.

Stimulating and interesting. Both presenters informed and enthusiastic. Encouraged and enthused to learn.

The fact that both presenters had a library background made it very useful – it felt like they knew how we feel in a work situation.

I am glad I attended this course. It was good to hear other opinions from local authorities.

Everything was excellent, I will be recommending [the course] to my colleagues.

A great day all round as an insight into how to effectively use social media in the professional sphere.

Thank you for an invigorating day. Both of you were good at communication. I learned more than I thought I would.

I wish the day was longer – it was all fantastic.

Excellent and inspiring, many thanks.

Very enjoyable and informative. Very participative without feeling under pressure.

Made me think about better ways to do my job and also improved methods of communicating with my colleagues.